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Working From Home

Our tips to help you with working from home

Working from home We are currently living in unprecedented times. Society has been thrown into a situation the world has not seen for over 100 years. For the first time in generations our resolve will be tested as will our capacity for kindness, to cope without social contact and to think of others. By making these small sacrifices we could potentially save lives. Working from home is something many of us will have no choice but to get used to in the coming weeks. But in a world where we are used to seeing friendly faces, chatting over coffee and working to a routine, how then do we adjust to the new reality that has been thrust upon us? Well we are going to give you some tips to keep you productive over the coming weeks. Keep your routine Routine is something that is drilled into us from a very early age. Routine keeps you on the right track mentally and physically maintaining some degree of structure is vital to keeping you feeling productive. So, with that in mind try waking up at your usual, get yourself washed, wear your work clothes and try leaving through the front door and walk back in though the backdoor! Tick yourself into thinking you are really going to work! Whatever works for you is the key. Sure, your nosey neighbour you might think you’ve already gone crazy but who cares what they think? Even keep your lunch hour at the usual time, make yourself some lunch and take an hour as usual. Stay Social We are all used to those chats around the coffee machine and having a drink after work on a Friday but in these strange times when we are all staying home and longing for the days when we could grab a quick cold one down the pub. But don’t let home isolation stop you interacting. We live in the modern world after all and all we need to connect with each other is our phones or laptops, why not drop a friend or family member a call a couple times a day for a catch up? Maybe on your lunch break or with your morning coffee, this will help you feel connected and potentially help you feel some degree of normality
Exercise Make sure you exercise to keep your fitness level up as well as your mind set, exercise is good for the mind, body and soul. This can be as simple as press-ups, push ups or running on the spot. Currently we are being advised to exercise alone, no better time to take up running, cycling or cross-country walking. These are great ways to distract yourself from the current situation and keeping your body and mind healthy. Try doing one of these things to start your day right. Likewise, some light exercise in the evening can be key to a good night’s sleep something like yoga or meditation before bed can help you relax. Setting Goals This one goes without saying, setting goals is a great way to keep yourself on top of work and keep that focus so you can get yourself on top of what you need to. Start with little jobs and work your way up once you get to grips with the new normal then you can start to increase your output and get used to your new office space. Your New Office Your home is your new office and you should think about setting it up as such. Find yourself a quiet space with as few distractions as possible. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed but ensure you get up for regular breaks as you usually would to stretch your legs. All of these tips can help keep you productive and mentally healthy which is of vital importance in these trying times. We will get through this period of difficulty and uncertainty and we will come out stronger as a result of it. Stay Safe and we will see you soon.