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The Future Of The Work Place.

January Newsletter

[caption id="attachment_4232" align="alignleft" width="459"]Felix Mooneeram 5 e1549307651787 2020 marked a considerable change in the way people view the office. With working from home now becoming a core part of many business’ plans, workspaces need to reconsider what the future looks like.
Flexibility and choice should be placed at the heart of offices, allowing people to decide where they’d like to work that day. At Alpha Works, we know that different moods, workloads or even the weather can affect what you want from your workspace. That’s why we have always offered a variety of working options and a flexible environment that can be used in whatever way suits you.[/caption]     [caption id="attachment_4210" align="alignleft" width="459"]Felix Mooneeram 2 Our packages
For those looking for a dedicated space to work in, our Private Offices come in a range of sizes to fit your business’ needs. Month-to-month terms also mean that you can easily adapt your space as you grow. Plus, you can still use our communal areas if you’d like some outside input, or our soundproof facilities should you need a place to focus.
If you prefer to be amongst the action, then our flexible Hot-Desking option is for you. Membership passes allow people to base themselves in Alpha Works for a day, a week or a month, so they can come and go whenever suits them. Hot-desk Members still have access to our services and will benefit from working amongst other like-minded people in a lively and productive atmosphere. Perfect for those working from home who’d like to escape their four walls.
A supportive workspace
This move towards flexible working has undeniably been a positive step for many, enabling people to work at times that suit them and taking pressure off those who have other responsibilities, such as childcare, to handle.
We believe having the choice to go into the office is vital to both people’s wellbeing and their ability to do their best work. Separating yourself from the home environment can do wonders for productivity, with the professional atmosphere of the office allowing you to focus on work rather than the piles of washing that need folding. A physical workspace doesn’t have to be restrictive, it can simply be there for you when you need it.
No matter which membership package you choose, our Community Team is here to support you, as are the many other businesses that call Alpha Works home. [/caption]                                                    

Whether you’re searching for inspiration or just want to have a chat over a cup of coffee, our communal approach to work means there will always be someone willing to lend an ear. Who knows, a quick brainstorm across the desk could spark an innovative idea that takes your business to new heights.

Your wellbeing is our priority

All work and no play should no longer be the motto of workspaces. At Alpha Works, we know that taking a break to clear your mind is an important path on the road to success, so we offer a number of amenities and services that will help you do just that.

With a gym located in the basement and bicycle storage available, fitting in exercise to your daily routine doesn’t have to be a struggle. We also run weekly yoga sessions, ensuring you stay zen.

Our ground floor café is another favourite for our members, serving up delicious hot drinks, cakes and a variety of freshly prepared meals. An ideal way to get away from your desk and take a restful lunchbreak, while catching up with a colleague.

An evolution of the workplace is happening, with offices across the country having to transform into more flexible and collaborative environments. At Alpha Works, this is the culture that we have been promoting since day one, and we are ready to be at your side as you face your new normal.

For more information on our membership packages and the services we offer, get in touch.

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