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Rooftop Tuesdays launches with Alpha Sunrise

An exclusive photo shoot held at dawn on the roof of Alpha

Birmingham's evolving skyline has been captured in an exclusive photo shoot held at dawn on the roof of our very own Alpha Tower (Birmingham's tallest office building). Shots were taken by the city's best photographers including Verity Milligan, Ross Jukes, Tim Cornbill and Kris Askey. They are the first images to be released from the roof of the building in three years, showing a plethora of cranes and new additions to the cityscape including Grand Central, New Street Station and the work at Paradise.The event, led by property firm CEG - the developer behind the £16m refurbishment of the Alpha building - in partnership with Birmingham's Hidden Spaces and IGERs Birmingham, saw everyone meet at the roof at 4am to shoot night into dawn. The team also got the chance to shoot the ongoing construction at Alpha Works.Launched as part of Hidden Spaces' #RooftopTuesdays, #AlphaSunrise will be being shared by the photographers, CEG, the media and key city stakeholders in the city. “Alpha Works will provide unrivalled views of the city when we launch in April so we were keen to share our perspective, a snapshot of Birmingham’s evolving skyline with the region’s top photographers. Our mission at Alpha Works is to provide a creative space that fosters growth and encourages collaboration, so working on this exciting project with Hidden Spaces was a great opportunity for us.” Theresa White, Community Manager at Alpha Works
The event partner Birmingham’s Hidden Spaces, a project that aims to showcase and celebrate the many hidden treasures of the city that are not usually accessible to the public, also launched the images today as part of its latest #RooftopTuesdays photography initiative.
“Birmingham's Hidden Spaces is all about capturing a different viewpoint of Birmingham, one that people don't normally get to see. We aim to celebrate the city's rich and diverse architectural heritage, much of which is hidden from view and inaccessible to the public. Alpha is one of the city's most iconic buildings and thanks to CEG, we have been able to capture and share a unique perspective of the city that usually only the tenants of the office space get to see." Steve Townsend, Co-Founder of Birmingham's Hidden Spaces

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