ARTJul 27

Pamina Stewart Face or Flight

Upcoming art exhibition by Pamina Stewart Face or Flight July 12 – 10 October 2019

Pamina Stewart has exhibited both internationally and across the UK. Working with a range of media (painting, printing, drawing and sculpture) her diverse career has included: Artist in Residence in Lahti, Finland, exhibiting in Prague soon after the Velvet Revolution and creating a large scale installation in Ottawa, Canada. Her numerous projects have included the construction of a double life-sized bull, commissioned by Coca Cola, made entirely from recycled drinks cans.Most recently her sculptures were presented in a solo exhibition at The Piece Hall, Halifax. Her work takes ‘found’ materials, both organic and man-made, from which she creates her sculptures. She takes discarded materials, giving them meaningful form that interacts with both viewer and surroundings. The sculptures on display at Galerie Mayci collect together a selection of her organic work assembled from seashells. In the cafe are a collection of heads and in the garden a myriad of insects. Pamina’s work invites the viewer to contemplate aspects of human and animal characteristics. She celebrates what is valuable and good in the world, underlining the importance of biodiversity across all species, from large to small. Website: Instagram: @paminastewart Twitter: @paminastewart