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Meet the Member: Schball and Unlimited You

Birmingham Enterprise Community Graduate

Schball Industry: Sports and recreation Specialism: Basketball Workspace: Hot-desk Team: One, with hopes of creating a team big enough to play a full basketball game soon! Biggest weakness: Excel spreadsheets (we feel Brenton’s pain) Slam dunk As a child, Brenton Nugent aspired to be just like his favourite basketball stars. However, while football and rugby were championed in the UK media, there was, and still is, little focus on basketball. There remains a real lack of investment in the sport, and only a handful of British role models for basketball fans to look up to. In 2008, Brenton decided to change this narrative by creating a business that aims to show everyone the benefits of basketball. Schball has allowed Brenton to not only teach the basics of the sport to his students, but also use the coaching as an opportunity to improve strategy, reflection skills and confidence. By treating basketball as both a physical and mental sport, Brenton helps his students - of all ages - succeed both on and off the court. The dream team Being introduced to the Alpha Works community has enabled Brenton to build relationships with like-minded people, helping him to form a squad of key contacts. He also loves the comfortable yet professional atmosphere of Alpha Works, which allows him to invite his students (and associates of the Commonwealth Games!) to visit. Whether they want tips on scoring a three-pointer or just need someone to talk to, Alpha Works’ 24/7 access means that Brenton can always be available. Bouncing Britain Brenton’s dream is for basketball to become more widely recognised throughout the UK as a sport that can improve both body and mind. He has certainly made a good start on this, however, for Schball to go national he needs access to more basketball courts both in Birmingham and around the country. So, if anyone thinks they can help, he’d love for you to get in touch via Schball’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!
Unlimited You Industry: Fitness Specialism: Disability support Workspace: Hot-desk Team: One – plus the support of a few fitness fiends Biggest weakness: Chocolate (the ultimate weakness) See the person, not the disability Danielle Roberts, founder of Unlimited You, was born with a spinal cord injury, creating an upper limb impairment. While growing up Danielle noticed that there were few fitness activities that suited her needs. It was this realisation and Danielle’s drive to change it that planted the seed for Unlimited You. Functioning as an online business, the aim is to empower people with disabilities to keep fit through tailored exercise recommendations and workout videos. No matter your ability level, you can be sure to find exercises that suit you. There is even a collection of recipes available to inspire members to whip up some healthy treats - so you really can have your cake and eat it! An empowering environment The Alpha Works members have been incredibly supportive. Whether she needs some business advice or a pep talk, Danielle knows she always has someone to turn to. Being part of the Alpha Works community has also given Danielle access to facilities such as meeting rooms, allowing her to collaborate with other entrepreneurs in professional surroundings. She is proud of the space she works in, and it enables her to be much more productive, so Unlimited You can blossom. An unlimited future Danielle’s first mission is to grow her user base and create more workouts to ensure that they are accessible to as many people as possible. Unlimited You might be very new to the scene, but the opportunities are truly limitless.