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Meet The Member: Nicola Moors Copywriting

Nicola Moors Copywriting

Name: Nicola Moors Copywriting Industry: Marketing Specialism: Launch copywriting for coaches, creatives and course creators. Workspace: Hot-Desk member Biggest weaknesses: Crime novels, red wine and dogs. Once upon a time… As a long-time lover of crime novels and thrillers, Nicola Moors uses her investigative skills as a former journalist to create copy that is not only packed with personality, but also makes an impact. Starting out as a journalist, writing real-life features for the national magazines and newspapers, Nicola has always been passionate about helping people to get their voices heard. However, it was not until 2018 that she realised that the subject doesn’t have to be a person, it could even be a brand. Nicola began copywriting in her spare time and two years on it has become a fully-fledged career. Being an entrepreneur has given her a new lease of life, allowing her to enjoy the freedom that being her own boss offers, as well as the opportunity to showcase her passion for persuasion and storytelling with her clients.
The Sherlock Holmes of copywriting Throughout her years as a journalist, Nicola picked up a few investigative skills, which she still uses in her work today. Inspired by how detectives work a case, Nicola begins her copy projects assessing the whole picture; from the key messages that need to be communicated, to the right strategy that will persuade the audience to buy. Once she is clear on every detail, she will then begin to craft her signature killer copy. ‘Mirroring’ – a persuasion technique used by FBI hostage negotiators – is another key part of Nicola’s approach to creating persuasive marketing copy. The method works by repeating the audience’s pain points in the copy to make the reader feel heard, seen and understood – and can also be used in research interviews to gain trust with the interviewees. Working with a range of online businesses, from e-commerce companies requiring a captivating email sequence, to life coaches in need of a persuasive sales page, Nicola enables brands to find and share their voice with their target audience, while encouraging them to buy their products, services or programs. Alpha Works – the scene of the lightbulb moment Nicola moved to Birmingham over six years ago and fell in love with its lively and friendly charm. When the time came to find a base for her business, she knew that it would need to share her values and match her creative spirit. Following a number of recommendations and a successful trial day, Nicola began a new chapter as an Alpha Works Hot-Desk member in March 2020. With a contemporary and innovative vibe and a community that is always willing to share ideas, Alpha Works has proven to be the solid foundation that Nicola needed to launch her business. In fact, she’s already made a few useful connections, working with fellow member, Birmingham Enterprise Community, to offer free copywriting advice to the start-ups that it supports. Vision Nicola is working on a course teaching business owners how to find the right message for their copy, while continuing to research, strategise, and write launch copy. She hopes to have an office of her own one day. To find out more about what Nicola can do for you, visit her business’ Instagram: @nicolamoors.