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Meet the Member: Glasshouse Recruitment

Jason Guest

The facts: Name: Jason Guest, Glasshouse Recruitment Industry: Recruitment Specialism: IT and technology Workspace: Coworking space Team: Jason Guest Biggest weakness:  Restraint – once he starts something, he can’t stop     The story: Jason officially launched Glasshouse Recruitment in the summer of 2016, however the idea for the business had been growing for quite some time. The name represents his desire to help others grow through a transparent and straightforward approach to recruitment. Using his agency background, Jason made the decision to create a company that complemented both his personality and his aspirations. Glasshouse Recruitment allows Jason to do what he does best - helping businesses find talented people in a no-nonsense way. Recruitment may be a form of sales but being “salesy” goes against Jason’s ethos. Glasshouse Recruitment prides itself on creating the best recruitment solutions for its clients , helping them thrive by consulting as opposed to selling. Unlike some recruiters, Jason doesn't advertise or wait for candidates to come to him, instead he relies on word of mouth, building relationships with the candidates he hopes to put forward. This ensures his clients get the ideal person for the role, instead of someone who is only perfect on paper.
Blooming in Alpha Works: As one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the UK, Cambridge is Glasshouse Recruitment’s current focus, but Birmingham is Jason’s home. He has a love for the city and thankfully his work can be done from anywhere. This is where Alpha Works comes in. Jason had previously worked from a co-working office, however he found that the way it functioned didn’t quite suit his needs. He considered working from home as an alternative but concluded that doing so would most likely drive him mad. Luckily, Jason came across Alpha Works at exactly the right time – the social atmosphere suits his personality and the collaborative vibes have resulted in productivity skyrocketing! First impressions are everything, and Alpha Works gave Jason an exceptional one. The modern and quirky space, with its striking views, is a place to be motivated as opposed to feeling stifled. The welcome from the Alpha Works team also made the decision an easy one, as they were honest and friendly, without being Jason’s least favourite thing - ‘salesy’. The flexibility of the space is another highlight for Jason. Being a fluid environment with no harsh restrictions allows him to work wherever and however he wants! Glasshouse Recruitment has now called Alpha Works its home for over a year, and it’s safe to say that Jason has absolutely no regrets.   Looking to the future: Up until now, Glasshouse Recruitment has been a one-man-band, but Jason is now looking to grow the company further by hiring a trainee recruitment consultant. He wants someone raw and enthusiastic that he can mold into an outstanding recruiter. No fancy qualifications are necessary, just a willingness to learn and great people skills. The new member will cover the Midlands, so would certainly benefit from the ability to network at Alpha Works, hopefully allowing the business to continue to branch out.