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Meet the Member: Girl Therapy

China Drewitt

The Facts Name: Girl Therapy Industry: Lifestyle Specialism: Wellness and mental health Workspace: Hot-desk Team: 2 - but hiring soon! Biggest weakness: Failure to delegate Favourite book: China’s favourite book is James Victor’s, Feck Perfuction, which encourages people to unleash their creativity so they can go forth and build. It has been a great inspiration for her and encapsulates Girl Therapy’s key values. Let’s go girls Girl Therapy was created in June 2018 by China Drewitt – a quirky, high energy entrepreneur and believer in all things self-love. She cut her teeth running wellbeing workshops for secondary school children, but quickly began taking more interest in the experiences that young women currently face, such as anxiety and social pressure. China recognised a lot of similarities between the girls she was working with and her own personal experiences and began to realise that she could make a real difference. In her quest to support young women who have the occasional wobble or slip in confidence, Girl Therapy was born. At first, it was run as an intimate group therapy session, with the first meeting hosted at Alpha Works but overwhelmed by demand, China realised that she couldn’t continue to do these sessions alone. Promoting emotional resilience The next challenge was to find a way of reaching the masses, and a daily newsletter seemed like the perfect solution. The emails contained advice and motivational content and laid the groundwork for the creation of a community of likeminded women who wanted to be proactive about self-care. Girl Therapy has continued to evolve. Noticing that not everyone has 15 minutes to spare each day, China introduced new ways to quickly give her subscribers that well-needed confidence boost. The solution was Girl Therapy’s current iteration, a daily messaging service which offers advice on all issues, no matter how big or small.
  Making a difference This approach has been a huge success, with Girl Therapy now boasting around 1,000 loyal subscribers. It’s also entirely accessible and free for all. For China, the best part about Girl Therapy is hearing from her subscribers. She usually receives a couple of messages a day, thanking her for improving their mood and inspiring them to take on the day. In her opinion, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing she is making a difference to people’s lives. Why Alpha Works? Born and raised in Bromsgrove, China has always wanted to help women where she grew up. In fact, many of her subscribers are from the Birmingham area. Therefore, finding an office in the region was paramount. After hosting her first group therapy session at Alpha Works, China found that she loved the community feel. It was important to be in an environment of like-minded and creative people, and the Alpha Works space ticked all the boxes. The range of facilities also benefited China, with the soundproof phone booths allowing her to have any sensitive conversations in private, knowing that she won’t be overheard. Her favourite part of Alpha Works is most definitely the people. Without the high-energy and caring team, Alpha Works would not be as special as it is. Having an Alpha Works family that take the time to get to know members personally makes coming to work a pleasure. The future is female While the daily messaging service’s popularity shows no sign of slowing, China has decided to launch another branch of Girl Therapy, returning to her ‘face-to-face’ roots and setting up a coaching service, focusing on everything from goal setting and business strategy to emotions and self-awareness. China strongly believes that how you feel has a direct impact on your daily success, and if Girl Therapy is anything to go by, she isn’t wrong! Feeling inspired? Ensure that you follow Girl Therapy on Instagram for your daily self-love pep talk via WhatsApp!