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Meet the Member: Engineius

Driving vehicle movement forward

Facts: Name                                  Engineius Industry                             Automotive Specialism                         Technology Workspace                        Private office Team                                  30 (and growing!) across Birmingham, London and remote Biggest weakness            Chocolate oranges   From A to B Whilst Engineius moved its first vehicle in April 2018, the company’s mission to make vehicle movement easy was many, many years in the planning.   Engineius was born out of its founders’ experience working at the likes of The AA, British Gas, Hitachi and others, where it was clear vehicle movement in the UK wasn’t working for either customers or suppliers.   This struck a question: how could a vehicle movement service work, where customers can order “on-demand” and suppliers can, for example, avoid transporting “fresh air” on transporter trucks?   Movement on-demand   Engineius began speaking with customers about how an online service that aggregated customers on one side and transporters on the other could drive efficiency for both parties. However, it became clear that customers had similar problems with driven movements as they did with transported movements. A lack of technology and scale meant that sourcing a reliable, scalable vehicle movement supplier was difficult.   This triggered a second question: what would it mean to make vehicle movement easy for everyone involved?
Simple from start to finish With an entirely on-demand business model and its own desktop and mobile application, Engineius are now moving thousands of vehicles every month for the largest fleets in the UK. Engineius works across the whole vehicle life cycle, including:
  • New vehicles: new delivery movements for dealers and leasing companies
  • In-life movements: such as service, repair and maintenance and inter-branch swaps
  • End of life movements: such as moving vehicles to auction
  • Re-sale movements: delivering used vehicles to their new owners
Engineius’ mission to become the leading end to end vehicle movement solution in the UK is premised on its technology-first strategy. Technology allows for rapid scaling without compromising on service delivery by eliminating the margin for human error. Engineius made the decision to become a fully end to end service when it chose to in-house its driver network, as it felt this was necessary to have full control of service delivery. Technology itself simply would not deliver the change that its potential customers were after. For customers who need vehicles moved, Engineius’ proposition is simple: a vehicle movement service that is comprehensive, instant and transparent, based on terms that are fair and equitable to both sides. Alpha Works: Driving Engineius The Midlands is the heart of the automotive industry, so being located in Birmingham was always a priority for Engineius. From the moment they stepped foot in Alpha Works, they knew it would make an ideal HQ. Offering a central location, a productive environment and a great community, Alpha Works helps Engineius to keep moving forward. The dynamic space on offer at Alpha Works makes it a fitting space for this pioneering company. Expansion has always been the goal, so being in a space that can grow with them is a huge benefit. The variety of packages on offer at Alpha Works has already enabled Engineius to progress from a hot-desking duo to a team of over 20 people who now work from a private office. Engineius has already outgrown one office within Alpha Works and, with a growing team, the next move might appear in the not too distant future. Where will the road take them? With approximately 10 million vehicle movements undertaken in the UK each year, there’s a whole lot of headroom for Engineius to expand into. Along with plans to continue to deepen their driver network across the country and expand their service offering, Engineius hopes to occupy a whole floor at Alpha Tower one day - as far as they’re concerned, the sky's the limit!