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Meet the Member: Corstorphine + Wright

Transforming the nation, project by project

THE FACTS: INDUSTRY: Architecture SPECIALISMS: Residential, Retail, Student Living, Education, Leisure, Mixed Use, Industrial, Master Planning. WORKSPACE: Started in a private office, now in a Studio TEAM: too many to name (170 and counting) BIGGEST WEAKNESS: Architects by their very nature are perfectionists! Our story Corstorphine + Wright is a commercial architectural practice that transforms the way buildings and communities are designed and built. From breathing new life back into old structures, to forging and strengthening communities, the practice prides itself on forming innovative solutions to the nation’s property needs. The practice has found the sweet spot between design and commerciality. Adopting a design-led approach that is grounded in commercial understanding, ensures all projects not only look the part but are delivered on time and within budget. In recent years, Corstorphine + Wright has continued its steep growth trajectory with projects being commended for their innovative and creative approach. Some recent work includes Waterloo International Station, Leake Street Arches, Bargate Quarter amongst other transformational schemes. With offices across the UK including Birmingham, London, Manchester, Warwick, Leeds, Stourbridge, Canterbury, Darlington, Glasgow and Dublin, its national footprint shows no sign of slowing. But with an expanding portfolio and a number of project wins, a flexible arrangement to office working was needed, and that’s where Alpha Works came in.
Our Alpha Works home The buoyancy in the West Midlands was pulling many of our architects into Birmingham city centre and the need for flexible office space, with the ability to cater for rapid growth, quickly became apparent. After looking at several other office spaces, it was clear that Alpha Works was head and shoulders above the rest – it was a no brainer for us. Our decision centred largely around two critical factors – the needs of our clients and the needs of our people. With two other offices in the Midlands (Warwick and Stourbridge), having a base in the heart of Birmingham city centre gave our team the option to choose where they wanted to work but importantly meant we could easily provide our clients with the team and level of resource they need at varying stages of projects. The talented team at Corstorphine + Wright will always remain at the very core of the decisions that are made and offering flexibility to the working environment was recognised as a key priority. Additionally, having office capacity that can be scaled up and down easily has ensured our practice is futureproof and has enhanced cross collaboration across the wider national teams. Despite being a rapidly growing business, we never take our eyes off our clients. As a design-led architectural practice, style and function are crucial and the range of meeting room spaces offered at Alpha Works has ensured that we are always ‘client ready’. A forward look For a business that has forged its foundations on designing and delivering high quality and award-winning projects, combined with a renewed presence in the city centre on the doorstep of a marketplace that is full of outstanding opportunities, the future will no doubt be bright for Corstorphine + Wright. Since joining Alpha Works almost two years ago, Corstorphine + Wright has grown so significantly that it now calls one of our studios its home. For more information on our studio offer, visit here