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Meet the Member: Cleanur Services

Birmingham Enterprise Community Graduate

Cleanur Industry: Cleaning Specialism: Commercial Workspace: Hot-desk Team: Five (+ an army of dedicated cleaners) Biggest weakness: Patience Rise and shine While at university, Ajan Mohamed became a cleaner to earn some extra money, and noticed a gap in the market for a modern-day cleaning company that embraces technology. As a result, Ajan created Cleanur, an innovative cleaning business where everything – except the cleaning – is done online. All of Cleanur’s staff are on one digital platform, allowing Ajan to keep track of the company’s cleaners all across the country. This gives clients instant access to both domestic and commercial cleaning services, with Cleanur able to send out the nearest of their cleaning army to the desired location. However, digitisation isn’t Cleanur’s only focus. The business also has a passion for sustainability, using eco-friendly products and avoiding the use of vehicles wherever possible. Priorities are evolving, more people than ever before are now becoming conscious of what they’re putting back into the environment and Cleanur are proud to be leading the change within the cleaning industry.
A squeaky-clean community At university, Ajan found that cleaning was an industry that was often dismissed, but BEC has fully embraced her ideas. The positive energy that flows through the Alpha Works space and the support she’s received from the community have been a real confidence boost. Plus, the professional atmosphere provided by Alpha Works has been a huge help for Cleanur, enabling Ajan to impress potential clients. Cleaning the country Cleanur has expanded rapidly over the last few months, stretching across the UK on a green cleaning mission. The goal is for Cleanur to be known far and wide for its modern approach to cleaning. Today the UK, tomorrow… the world?