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Meet the Member – BLAM!


The facts: Industry: Digital Marketing Specialism: Training, mentoring, conversion funnel mastery, email & search marketing, PPC Workspace: Private office Team: 9 people across two sites in Birmingham & Penarth Biggest Weakness: The temptation to enjoy work a little too much...   The story: Running a business is hard, BLAM! recognises that. The time pressures associated with keeping the day-to-day ticking over whilst hunting out new business leads and prospects can mean that other things, like websites and digital marketing, can fall to the wayside. But don’t worry, that’s where the team at BLAM! come in. Their model equips people with the skills to be their own boss, whilst helping other business owners take control of their online presence and marketing. The business is made up of a network of over 300 partners with access to the insight, expertise and resources needed to make a huge difference to their clients and customers. Operating in its current format since 2015, the BLAM! we know today started life as Big Local Ad Marketing, one of the biggest ad franchises in the UK. Noticing a gap in the market and a desire from business owners and individuals to improve online presence, BLAM! was formed. It is now staffed by a team of nine, split between the offices in Alpha Tower and Penarth, South Wales. The team knows that the rise of tech means that business owners need to have a more diverse range of skills than ever before. Partners on BLAM!’s mentorship scheme can expand their knowledge in many areas, including conversion funnel mastery, email and search marketing, and PPC. Every partner working with BLAM! is unique. Everyone is different and the varied strengths and skillsets are reflected in the flexible approach taken to learning and training. There is no set ‘type’ of partner, in fact, there are people from all walks of life within the ranks – people at the start of their careers, eager to get out there and sell, right through to individuals who may have had a franchise in the past and are looking to pick back up. However, one thing unites them all: a deep and burning desire to run a business and be successful.
Our Alpha Works home: When looking for an office space in the Midlands we saw Alpha Works and immediately knew it was the place for us. Great interior design and the best staff make it one of the coolest places to work in Birmingham. Being over 20 floors high means that we get to watch the growth and change of one of the UK’s fastest developing cities. Plus, we challenge anyone to talk about Alpha Works without mentioning the amazing view! The city has been a victim of its own self-deprecation but now things are changing. It’s becoming one of the most fast-paced, entrepreneurial and innovative cities in the UK and Alpha Works is playing a huge role in that transformation. We’re incredibly proud to bring clients here and show off our Midlands home – they never fail to be wowed by Alpha Works and its location. Birmingham needs more places like this.