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Meet the Member: Birmingham Enterprise Community

Collaboration not competition

Name: Birmingham Enterprise Community Industry: Education/Business Specialism: Support Workspace: Hot Desk Team: 6 Biggest weakness: Getting carried away with projects Building bridges Dreamt up in 2018, Birmingham Enterprise Community (BEC) became a reality in January 2019. The aim was to form strong links between entrepreneurs and emerging startups in the Midlands, providing them with the support and skills they need to take the next step. BEC looks to support student, graduate and emerging entrepreneurs from across the Midlands at all stages. Its accelerator programme, FORWARD, is there to help those who sit between initial startup and advanced support. Some businesses need a little more than a year or so before they are ready to scale up and can be left feeling in a state of progression limbo. FORWARD is there to give them that extra boost they need to cross the support gap and enter the world of established businesses. By providing comprehensive help to all new businesses no matter their background, BEC perfectly complements the support that is already available. This unique approach ensures the guidance offered addresses the needs of the community and provides maximum value to all those involved. Collaboration not competition By creating an inclusive community, those who are part of the FORWARD accelerator programme can work together to achieve more. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and these strengths can be shared to others. As they say, sharing is caring! BEC itself has shown the power of a supportive community. It started from almost nothing but has now achieved all of its goals and created a network of major business players. A real inspiration for those who seek its help.
Why Alpha Works? With the name Birmingham Enterprise Community, there was no other place but Birmingham to be based! An office that offered total flexibility was also a must, as working with entrepreneurs means 9 to 5 is a rarity. Alpha Works was the perfect solution - the 24/7 access and free coffee proving particular hits! The central location also makes it easily accessible for every BEC member, ensuring they can fully integrate into the BEC community. Plus, the collaborative atmosphere is ideal for prompting creative thoughts and solutions, especially in a place full of likeminded and successful individuals. Of course, the view acts as a source of inspiration too - who wouldn’t be inspired by that stunning city vista? The opportunities that have been created for BEC since being at Alpha Works have been vast. The business has even partnered up with Alpha Works itself to welcome the next generation of entrepreneurs to come out of Birmingham. Business prospects Now that the Enterprise Community has fully taken root in Birmingham, it is time to expand. Startups around the UK, and internationally, need something to fill the support gap before committing to the next stage of growth and the Enterprise Community is ready to be that steppingstone. If you’re a Midlands-based entrepreneur looking for some extra business support, check out BEC’s social media and events page: Twitter: @Bhamec Facebook: @bhamenterprise