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Meet the Member: HiERD

Birmingham Enterprise Community Graduate

Founded in January 2019, Birmingham Enterprise Community (BEC) aims to support emerging entrepreneurs in taking the next step on their business journey. BEC know that established companies are not created overnight. Budding businesspeople need the right skills and connections to help them grow, and that is exactly what BEC provides. Since July 2019, BEC has been partnered with Alpha Works, adding our award-winning workspace to its comprehensive support package for local people looking to triumph in the world of entrepreneurship. Alpha Works is all about inclusion, making it the perfect match for this innovative programme. By 2022, BEC wants the Midlands to be one of the best places to be an entrepreneur, and Alpha Works is proud to be part of the journey. What better way to demonstrate the support that BEC offers than by sharing the stories of four of their community members? HiERD Industry: Construction/property technology Specialism: Construction Workspace: Hot-desk Team: Dynamic duo, Mubasher Ahmed and Sandeep Godara Biggest weakness: Caffeine
You’re HiERD Launched by Mubasher Ahmed, and his co-partner, Sandeep Godara, in September 2019, HiERD aims to solve a common problem in the construction industry – recruitment. Due to the nature of construction work, demand for workers drops in winter and soars in summer. As such, it can be a battle to hire a large enough team for the summer months, especially with so many recruitment platforms to scour. Most of us are glued to our phones, so why not take advantage of this? HiERD uses technology to tackle this recruitment problem, meaning skilled labourers can be quickly sourced during any season. By providing a single recruitment platform for both companies and labourers, employment gaps can be filled with a single WhatsApp conversation. Alpha Power BEC’s partnership with Alpha Works means all the programme’s entrepreneurs are based in the Tower. This has provided HiERD with a number of useful resources that they otherwise would not have had access to. The quiet rooms and communal areas enable HiERD to switch from space to space depending on whether they need to quietly focus, fancy being part of a buzzy working atmosphere or need a few minutes time away from their laptops for a cuppa and a chat - something the Alpha Works members are always willing to partake in! In Mubasher’s words, Alpha Works is like the independent coffee shop of co-working spaces. The environment is welcoming, the community is friendly, and the coffee is delicious! Dreaming big In the short term, HiERD would love to evolve from hot-deskers to having their own office in Alpha Works. However, they have far more ambitious plans for the long term, hoping that one day the HiERD logo will sit proudly on the BT Tower! What could be more fitting than a Birmingham-born business displayed proudly on one of our city’s iconic structures?