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Meet the Member: BFC Networks

Alex Pearce

Name: BFC Networks Industry: Education Specialism: IT Workspace: Hot Desk Team: Two Biggest weakness: Chocolate It starts with a click BFC Networks was created 12 years ago to deliver Microsoft 365-based solutions to the education sector. The founder, Alex Pearce, wanted to give IT professionals in schools the knowledge and tools they needed to complete their work to the highest standard. Once the business began to gain pace, Alex made the decision to go full time, and BFC Networks has gone from strength to strength ever since. The goal is to improve both teaching and learning in the classroom using Microsoft’s educational products, allowing schools to meet Ofsted requirements and ensuring students are equipped for life beyond education. To do this, BFC Networks offers workshops and training sessions to both teachers and IT professionals, ensuring they are fully benefitting from the features of Microsoft 365. Apparently, there is much more to PowerPoint than flashy transitions and colourful backgrounds! IT is important The impressive technical knowledge provided by BFC Networks sets it apart from other businesses and means that Alex and his team can rely almost solely on recommendations from both Microsoft and clients. So far, BFC Networks has aided over 2,000,000 students in learning the IT skills they need for the workplace via the training of their teachers.
The real MVP Alex’s expertise speaks for itself but he has the certificate to prove it too! He holds the sought after title of Microsoft MVP, an award for top-notch tech experts who make outstanding contributions to their community. Only the most passionate and dedicated people are awarded ‘most valued professional’ status. As you’d expect, winning such a prestigious award comes with a few perks. It’s an international accomplishment, meaning that Alex is no stranger to an airport lounge and is often found jetting across the globe to get the latest updates from the world of Microsoft and give feedback on new features. Why Alpha Works? After 8 years of working from home, Alex decided that he’d like a change of scene. An ‘all-inclusive’ serviced office was the perfect solution, as it would give him the professional office environment that he craved but would still allow him to be flexible. With a list of requirements, of which high-speed internet and 24/7 access were at the top of the list, finding the perfect base was no easy feat, but as BFC Networks know more than most – technology waits for no one! After trialing a few offices, the business discovered Alpha Works, and it more than fit the bill. The relaxed yet productive atmosphere and the quiet rooms are ideal for when the team needs that extra bit of concentration. Alex also loves the opportunities for growth on offer at Alpha Works. The ability to run drop-in workshops means that Alex can discuss his business with likeminded people and share the full business capabilities of Microsoft 365 – something he intends on doing in the near future. The vision While UK-based at the moment, the dream would be to take BFC Networks’ services worldwide with the aim of training as many teachers and IT professionals as possible! In fact, BFC Networks has just begun a set of Microsoft Technical Roadshows to spread the word far and wide.