Meet the membersMay 8

Meet the Member: Aesir Wealth

Ben Harrold

Over the coming months we’ll be showcasing our members. This month, we introduce Aesir Wealth, your independent financial advisors.   The facts: Name: Ben Harrold, Aesir Wealth Industry: Financial services Specialism: Financial planning Workspace: Hot-desking Team: Ben and eight other advisers Biggest Weakness: Never saying no to people   The story: Aesir Wealth is made up of a team of independent financial advisers who specialise in providing both individuals and businesses with practical and relevant financial solutions. Aesir Wealth’s business structure is quite unique. It provides its advisers with the freedom and flexibility to work the way they want to, but with access to a host of shared resources and a network of professionals to call upon. Above all else, Aesir Wealth’s approach is straightforward – each adviser always puts their client’s goals at the very heart of everything they do. We spoke to Ben Harrold, one of Aesir Wealth’s network of independent advisers. The world of financial planning is constantly evolving, and the ability to be quick and flexible is key to making good financial decisions for our clients. Aesir Wealth’s success is often down to its agility – from changing market conditions, to dynamic family or business circumstances. Being able to have autonomy, while being a part of such a well-known and trustworthy company gives us the best of both worlds. For me, creating strong relationships with my clients is so important, and helps me to provide completely tailored advice that supports my client’s needs, ambitions and dreams. The flexibility provided at Aesir Wealth allows me to communicate with my clients in a way that suits me and them. Aesir Wealth understands that the business is dependent on top-class independent advisers and that individuals need access to financial planning specialists who do not want to be bound by the usual restrictions enforced in large corporates. It truly fosters the best environment for advisers and clients alike.  My aim is to get people to understand their money and the best ways to use it. Education is a large part of financial planning, and I want to make this more accessible.
Why Alpha Works? Aesir Wealth’s independent advisers are not bound by geography or tied into an office, giving Ben the flexibility to call Alpha Works his home from home. As soon as he entered Alpha Works, Ben knew it was the place for him. It ticked every box, from its professional style, to its supportive atmosphere. The flexible workplace options are perfect for Aesir Wealth advisers who welcome agility. The 10-day hot-desking plan allows Ben to purchase 10 day passes that can be used whenever required. Not only does this mean that no rent is wasted on office space that is not always used, but it provides a professional space to bring clients to and to work from whenever he needs it. The private, soundproofed phone booths and meeting rooms are two of the facilities that Ben values most at Alpha Works. Financial planning brings up sensitive and personal information and privacy is always needed when meeting clients or taking calls. The collaborative element of Alpha Works has made networking happen organically for Ben. The more he talks to people across the open forum, the more he discovers and the more opportunities he receives. In fact, he has booked out one of Alpha Works’ boardrooms to host an “Ask the Adviser” session. Watch this space for more information!   The vision To encourage people to seek advice earlier when developing a business or investing. Many people don’t begin financial planning until they get older, by which time issues are often directly in front of them. By encouraging younger people to seek advice sooner, they are better equipped to deal with financial decisions further down the line.