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Meet the Member: Adfuse and Mr. System

Dave Mason

The Facts: Name: Dave Mason – Founder of AdFuse and Mr. System Industry: Digital marketing / Software consultancy Specialism: Creating data-driven marketing strategies / Helping businesses to stay organised Workspace: Office Biggest weakness: Biscuits Dave Mason personifies entrepreneurial spirit. Since leaving college, he has devoted his career to creating solutions to some of the problems that businesses experience.   Introducing Adfuse Developing an effective digital marketing strategy is a challenge that plagues most businesses, and once word got out about Dave’s marketing prowess, people began asking for advice. He quickly realised that his skills would make the perfect basis for a business venture. AdFuse takes a holistic approach to digital marketing, delving into each business’ target audience, tone of voice and branding. The result is a comprehensive marketing strategy that tackles every issue, as opposed to a quick fix. After all, if you don’t see the whole puzzle, how can you find the solution? Introducing Mr. System As Dave’s knowledge grew, he became aware of another common business problem that his skills could solve – managing multiple projects and teams. This is where Mr. System comes in. Inefficient work management often leads to time and money being wasted, something no business wants. Therefore, Mr. System has been designed to improve every aspect of a business’ work-stream, from projects and deadlines to individual tasks. Mr. System provides the support to ensure that everyone stays focused on their goals, as opposed to drowning in a sea of emails and spreadsheets.
“My proudest achievement to date involved supporting a self-managed band to sell out 1,200 seats at a venue in London, not once, but twice. It really demonstrated the true power of effective digital marketing!”
Why Alpha Works was the solution for Dave Dave first considered the option of a serviced office as an alternative to working from home – something he hates with a passion. In a very “on brand” move, Dave set up a document comparing every co-working space in Birmingham and narrowed the list down until he was left with a top five. He then spent a trial day at each of the offices, before deciding that Alpha Works was the place for him. Admittedly it was the free coffee that first drew him in, but it is the range of facilities and unrivalled views that have kept him coming back. Community is everything at Alpha Works, and as a self-employed entrepreneur, it is something that Dave really appreciates. The regular social sessions provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people and grow a network of useful contacts. His love for Alpha Works has seen Dave move from Hot-Desking to a Co-Working space, and now into an office on the 21st floor of Alpha Tower. Although, he still enjoys taking a break from the office to work in the communal area every now and again. The social aspect of the space has been a real benefit for Dave, as he now shares an office and works together with Code Wizards, a partnership that would never have flourished if it had not been for a conveniently overheard conversation.   Looking to the future… The success of Mr. System to date has inspired Dave to continue growing the business. However, the end goal for this venture is to become the ‘go to’ place for businesses who want to get more done in less time. AdFuse is on a steady upward trajectory, but Dave would like to make it more niche, attracting unique and interesting clients from a variety of sectors.