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Master Your Email – Learn how to beat email overwhelm for good!

Workshop ran by Dave Mason of Mr System

How many emails do you have in your inbox right now? If that number makes you feel uneasy, read on... Email overwhelm is a scourge on mental well being and productivity. Until as recent as this year, my email inbox used to have tens of thousands of unread emails. As you'd expect, the chaos causing me to feel stressed and waste time. But worse still, important messages were regularly getting missed or delayed and my clients and colleagues were getting understandably quite irritated with me. Sound familiar? I've tried many things to fix it in the past. Some actually seemed to help for a short while, but I quickly became overrun in no time. It turns out that many of my "clever solutions" like using unread emails as a to-do list were actually making matters worse! This year I decided it was time to become a master of email (geek face). For the last 6 months or so, I have consistently hit "Inbox zero" across 4 different email accounts on a daily basis - with almost no effort... and outside of actually replying to people (which there's no avoiding, sorry), it only takes me about 5 minutes a day to do so. How did I do it? I set about learning the most fundamental principles of email management so that I could develop a system that actually works and pass on this knowledge onto other people. To date, I've spent over 250 hours (I know, very sad) reading up on research papers, articles and proven methodologies to produce a simple, manageable programme on fixing it for good.
I've nearly finished putting together what I believe to be the best free resource on the web for learning to overcome email overload for good. Before I publish it, I'd like to really put it to the test and see what kind of results it can produce for people. What's in it for you... I'm going to be holding a free 30-minute session every Tuesday at 9am in M1 starting from 29th October. You're welcome to head straight back to work afterwards but I'll stick around for another 30 minutes to answer any questions and help people 1-to-1. This is a FREE, informal event where I'll be presenting the material in small, manageable doses and adapting things as best as possible to produce genuine results for you. Your critical feedback would be absolutely welcomed! To book on... M1 caps out at 12 people and I don't want to cram too many people in so if you'd like to attend, please drop me an email to dave@MrSystem.co.uk and I'll hold your seat. Hope to see you there! Dave J Mason MrSystem.co.uk

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