ARTSep 15

Graffiti Art of Digbeth Walk

A new self-guided Graffiti Art walking tour around Digbeth

A new self-guided walking tour around the exciting, and often beautiful, graffiti art of Digbeth in Birmingham has been released onto the free Walk Run Cycle Birmingham app (available on iTunes and Google Play) and website at Around 3 miles long, the walking tour will show you art from Birmingham based graffiti artists like Justin Sola, as well as international artists that created work for festivals in the city in years gone by. Ian Bush, the Brummie entrepreneur behind the Walk Run Cycle city apps, says it was one of the most fascinating tour routes he has worked on and was stunned by some of the artwork. But don’t delay, graffiti art has a bad habit of disappearing when new developments are built, so get out to view these now! Ian went on to say “it’s such a shame so much of the graffiti art gets destroyed, but fortunately new works come along to replace them so I’ll be keeping my eyes open to alter and update the tour where necessary!”