Meet the membersMay 23

Function Fit Food to bring a fresh new flavour to Alpha Works!

Keeping things friendly and flexible is at the heart of our Alpha Works philosophy.

Achieving the perfect mix We aim to provide everything you need to ensure your business thrives, with meeting rooms, quiet areas, and phone booths available to suit every business need. In addition, the co-working offices offer the opportunity to work socially in a creative space where you can bounce ideas off your fellow Alpha Workers. As well as being a place for business, Alpha Works is also a vibrant community of like-minded people. Our shared spaces include the sacred coffee bar, multiple kitchen areas and perfect spaces for making useful connections that can help your business to grow. A recipe for success We believe that your workspace should be somewhere you feel comfortable, both mentally and physically. As part of our drive to encourage better quality choices at work, we are excited to announce our new meeting room menu, provided by Function Fit Food. Offering a healthier alternative to the usual function fare, the options range from angelically sweet granola pots to delicious teriyaki beef. Great for the body and the mind. As an introduction to the delicious menu, and as a treat for our fab members, Kris, the founder of Function Fit Foods, recently popped in with some scrummy tasters. We managed to grab him for a few minutes to answer a few quick questions about Function Fit Foods: What encouraged you to set up Function Fit Food? I have a background as a chef and wanted to use the knowledge I’ve gained from this to create a better meal preparation service for working people. The aim was to move away from the standard bland and unhealthy options, instead offering dishes that are full of flavor, texture and the good stuff – very different to the approach taken by standard meal prep services.
Have you always had a passion for healthy food? My real passion is creating meals that people enjoy. Seeing others love the food I’ve made has always given me a great sense of achievement and Function Fit Food allows me to have this feeling every day. The current healthy food trend inspired me to make my menu clean as well as delicious, so people can look forward to meals that both benefit them and taste amazing. What would you say is Function Fit Food’s unique selling point? Variety is our main selling point. The menus we offer change regularly to integrate new ideas and keep our customers excited. Creating meals with interesting flavours and unusual combinations means our food is never dull. Plus, everything is made in-house and every recipe is my own creation, so a lot of thought goes into every meal. How do healthy food choices benefit workers? Eating clean, nutritious meals in the workplace can lead to a more alert and energetic office. Burger and fries might be tempting at the time, but the sluggish feeling you get afterwards is never conducive to a productive afternoon. Our meals promise to leave you energised as well as full. What menu would you recommend for a meeting or corporate event? Our meeting room menu has been designed to provide a variety of choices that are light enough to keep you alert but flavorful enough to satisfy the need for something tasty! The menus are also low in salt, so you won’t feel dehydrated during that important meeting. For corporate events, we always recommend dishes that are sure to impress, as a visually appealing display of food provides a great talking point. From experience we know that if the food is good, then clients are sure to remember the event with a smile on their faces. What is your favourite item on the new Alpha Works menu? Chocolate is my guilty pleasure, but our chocolate granola isn’t as naughty as you might think. Cacao is a super food, and that is what’s used to give the granola its delicious chocolate flavour. Definitely a win-win and a personal favourite.