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Alpha Works – with you every step of your journey When you choose Alpha Works as your business’ home, you’re choosing a space that not only works now, but can also grow with you in the future. The variety of packages available provide the option to Hot-Desk, Co-Work, have a private office, or even occupy a whole floor of Alpha Tower! Throughout the journey, the Alpha Works team will be by your side, ensuring that you have a friendly face to answer any questions, the best package to suit your business goals, and a team that you can rely on to deliver those weekly perks (who can say no to beer and pizza on a Friday?) We promise it’s not too good to be true! Read on to find out about one of our brilliant success stories... Introducing Kainos Hailing from Northern Ireland, digital transformation provider Kainos’ move to Birmingham was a step into the unknown in many ways. However, with Alpha Works’ support, they settled seamlessly into Birmingham life, ready to begin a new adventure. Kainos, is a prime example of a business that has taken full advantage of the growth opportunities available at Alpha Works. In just a couple of years, Kainos Birmingham has grown from a team of two to a crowd of over 80! Originally joining as Hot Deskers, Kainos made the most of the communal areas, embracing the social aspects of the space. As its numbers increased, it became clear that the time had come to move to a larger space. At first, a Private Office was enough to cater for Kainos’ new additions, but expansion showed no signs of stopping, and soon more bums needed to be seated. Eventually, even the company’s multiple offices were bursting at the seams, and a whole floor and a half of Alpha Tower became the next step! The fact that Alpha Works is a landlord run building made Kainos’ move much easier. Our outreach to all 27 floors allows us to work with our tenants closely in order to fulfil their needs. We take great pride in being able to offer this unique opportunity to our wonderful members. But enough of us talking, why not take a look at Kainos’ expansion below? Visualisation is key to growth, after all! If you're already interested in talking to the Alpha Works team and seeing how we can support your business growth register to see by 'Clicking' this link https://javelinks.com/7a2ivsogo

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