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Find your calm at Alpha Works The working week doesn’t have to be synonymous with stress! At Alpha Works, we have created a new kind of working community. Our members’ wellbeing is really important to us, and we believe that feeling happy and healthy is key to making your business thrive. Support is always available from the Alpha Works team, whether it be for business matters or just a good old chat. However, we know that even with the best intentions, work can sometimes take over. With this in mind, we offer a host of wellbeing activities and amenities to ensure that our members are always in the best possible mindset. These range from weekly yoga classes and free fruit to mental health awareness sessions and even the occasional nail spa for when you fancy some pampering. Although we live in a world where we’re surrounded by fitness bloggers, it can still be difficult to fit self-care into the daily to-do list, so we’ve created a handy self-care plan to help you find your Zen.
Our Community team has been kind enough to share their ‘self-care pledges’ too. Jack: I pledge to take advantage of the gym studio onsite and workout with our community members. Alex: I pledge to go to the gym every morning and think more about what food I am consuming. Noel: I pledge to take time for myself since going part-time at Alpha Works. Leah: I pledge to motivate the community to achieve their goals.

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