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A day in the life of an Alpha Works member In our opinion a workspace isn’t complete without those little added extras, whether it be a quiet space to settle down and attack that inbox with a coffee and some fruit or taking five minutes away from your screen to catch up with a colleague. At Alpha Works, we aim for your experience to be perfect on every level! What it would be like to call Alpha Works your new workspace? Let us take you on a journey of a day in the life of an Alpha Works member: You’ve decided to go on a health-kick and cycle to work, the bike comes out and the helmet goes on – safety first. Once you arrive at Alpha Tower, you place your bike in the secure basement cycle racks and take a trip to the showers. Now that you’re ready for the day ahead, you make your way up to Alpha Works – via the lifts, you did just cycle to work after all. You arrive at reception and head straight to the coffee machine to make sure you’re 100% energised. While you’re sipping your coffee and enjoying the view of Birmingham, you might have a chat with one of the Alpha Works team about that great new show you’ve found on Netflix. Now it’s time to get to work. You head to your ready-connected office and set up your computer, starting on that project in no time. It’s time for a client call, you decide whether to use one of the quiet rooms or a phone booth – sit or stand? You’re still feeling energised from that morning coffee, so you opt for a standing phone booth. The call goes well and before you know it, it’s time for lunch.   Ben Harrold, from Aesir Wealth, loves our all-inclusive amenities too: “Financial planning brings up sensitive and personal information and privacy is always needed when meeting clients or taking calls. The sound-proof phone booths are great for this, as I can be sure that no-one is eaves dropping! “The collaborative element of Alpha Works has also made networking happen organically for me. The more I talk to people across the open forum, the more I discover and the more opportunities I create.”
You get your lunch out of the fridge and pop it in the microwave. The comfy chairs in the communal area are calling to you, so you take a seat and settle down for a relaxing break. After lunch you might still feel like there’s a gap left to fill. Luckily, Alpha Café sells a selection of delicious cakes, perfect for an afternoon treat. Back to work you go. You’ve got an important meeting to attend in the Alpha Works board room. You link the TV to your laptop and away you go. The rest of the afternoon speeds by, with the thought of attending the Sunset Sessions social motivating you. They are always a great opportunity to network, plus there’s the bonus of cocktails and food from restaurants across Birmingham that offer discounts to Alpha Works members. You’ll limit yourself to one or two cocktails though – you’ve still got to cycle home! There are a whole variety of perks on offer here at Alpha Works, but rather than just list them out, we thought it would be far better to quiz you over a cuppa – can you find them all?   Coffee, Communal areas, Fruit, Kitchens, Board rooms, Phone booths, Tea, Zip tap, View, Friday treats, Socials, Fast internet,Cycle racks and Showers. Have we got your attention now? 'Click' the link to sign up to see us https://javelinks.com/7a2ivsogo  

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