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Meet the Member: Columba

A new kind of matchmaker

A new kind of matchmaker Columba, an agency procurement company, was created in July 2018 to help brands meet outstanding agencies. By working closely with both sides of the coin, Columba ensures that brands find the best agencies for them, without any unnecessary faff. The matchmaking process has four main elements: 1. Creating briefs – Columba write an in-depth brief for each brand, covering everything from likes and dislikes to business culture and goals. 2. Playing cupid – Once the brief has been taken to tender, Columba use the criteria to match the brand with well-suited agencies. 3. The pitch – After Columba has identified a selection of ideal agencies, the brand is invited to attend a number of pitches - this is each agency’s opportunity to dazzle the brand with their great ideas! 4. The start of a beautiful relationship – The brand chooses the agency that works best for them! Starting as they mean to go on In order to ensure that they are recommending the cream of the crop, the agency vetting and matching process is extremely thorough. Similarly, Columba also delve deep into the wants and needs of the brands they work with to ensure that the matches are spot on. Next comes honesty, a trait that sets Columba apart from the crowd. Columba provide detailed feedback to agencies after every pitch. Guaranteeing that no opportunity is ever wasted.
Alpha Works - the perfect match With the rapidly increasing amount of business opportunities, Birmingham was the obvious choice for Columba. The fact that it is situated in the heart of the country with excellent transport links also means it is easily accessible for Columba and its clients. After being referred to Alpha Works by an existing member, Columba were thoroughly impressed by the creative and friendly environment. They were on the lookout for an innovative workspace with people who they could learn from, and that’s exactly what Alpha Works provided. Meeting the Community Team was the deciding factor - their enthusiastic approach showed just how much they care about maintaining a productive and collaborative atmosphere for their members. Plus, being Hot Deskers, Columba love that there is always a great balance of people to share ideas with. Rarely do the Columba team stick to one floor of Alpha Works, allowing them to meet a whole host of different businesses and enjoy the amazing view from a variety of perspectives! The future Columba are currently going through an intense period of growth, with the focus firmly set on building a solid reputation. The aim is for Columba to become the go-to business for brands who want to meet brilliant agencies. If you want to find the perfect partnership, whether a brand or an agency, visit Columba’s website to find out more.