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Birmingham’s Independent Art Scene Takeover Digbeth

November 18 – December 8 2017

Birmingham’s Independent Art Scene Takeover Digbeth with a Unique and Engaging Exhibition, November 18 – December 8 2017

Digbeth Arts Market are excited to be launching their pioneering Art & Design Exhibition to the public November 18. Digbeth Arts Market will launch its first exhibition at the iconic Zellig and will showcase up and coming, and award winning artistic talent in a non-commercial environment, with the opportunity for art to be purchased and commissioned upon request. The Digbeth Art & Design Exhibition will finish on December 8.

The idea for the exhibition was the brainchild of Kay Fisher, Founder of Digbeth Arts Market who stated, “many artists and designers work in isolation and have little funds to promote their work. That’s where DAM comes in. Now in Birmingham artists are being charged weekly rent and high commission rates to sell their work in pop-up shops, is this right? I ask myself, no, no it’s not so I started to do something about it”.

Digbeth Arts Market has grown organically since its establishment in 2016, and has grown into a loyal community of over 500 artists, designers and makers including award-winning creative designer Amrit Singh, Tom Wilson and Yujiro Suzuki. Digbeth Arts Market is not just a market, it’s an opportunity for the public to engage with artists and designers, allowing them to work together in creating bespoke commission pieces and supporting Birmingham’s independent art scene.

There is an increasing demand for unique, unconventional and innovative experiences and offerings in the city as evident in the rise of its street food culture, however, not enough is being done by the government or private institutions to accommodate this. DAM’s philosophy is about creating these experiences to support this important community of artists and designers by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents without the commercial pressures associated with the private sector.

"How fabulous is Birmingham. The media, the public and even international corporations have already offered to support to us as they can see a new art culture is growing. They’re all pulling together in supporting us." – Kay Fisher