Return to work plan

Welcoming the community back to Alpha Works

We Are Here

When you’re ready to come back to work, we’re ready to welcome you.

Whilst we have been missing our members on site, we’ve working hard in the background to get ready for your return, putting your safety first.

What to Expect
So you can follow the government’s advice and work safely in the office, we’ve made some changes.

∆ In preparation for welcoming our members back, the whole building has been sterilised by bio-fogging
∆ Our cleaning teams will be working harder than ever with increased focus on receptions, toilets, showers and touch-points
∆ There will be hand sanitiser available in all arrival areas, though we encourage you to wash your hands regularly

Social Distancing
∆ We won’t be accepting any new Hot-Desk or Co-Work Members until further notice to help us control the number of people working at Alpha Works each day and to support social distancing
∆ You’ll notice a lot of our lounge furniture has been removed to temporarily create more space and our Hot-Desk benches will be for allocated members to use only. There will be clear signage and boundaries to help you
∆ You will need to remain 2 metres apart from others in all areas and you will need to follow our ‘keep left’ rule in communal areas
∆ We encourage you to use the stairs (if you’re able) and to follow our guidance and signage designed to help you navigate the building
∆ And just a reminder to stay at home for 14 days when you have a temperature or new, continuous cough

Access & Arrival
∆ On ground floor we will be removing the visitor management tablets and opening the speed gates to allow touch free access to the building



Frequently Asked Questions

How will arrival and access to the building be managed?
This will be actively managed by the front of house team on the ground floor. Signage will be provided to ensure a clear route in and out is adhered to.
All doors will remain closed on Alpha Works floors and a fob will be needed to access your floor only.

How will access/ space work for Hot-Desk members?
Members on a Hot-Desk Unlimited package will be prioritised until further notice. Please sign in with the Community Team on floor 21 upon arrival and we will allocate a space to you and your membership will be reactivated.
We ask all Hot-Desk Roam members to contact the Community Team before making the trip to site to confirm if there is a space available.

How will suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 be handled throughout the building?
If you or a member of your team has a confirmed case of COVID-19, please email Alex your community manager contactable on This will be escalated to the building manager and will trigger a closedown and deep clean of areas.

Are guests still able to access the building?
Until further notice, please do not arrange for people to visit you onsite. If a meeting is unavoidable with colleagues outside of your office, please talk through with the community team before confirming.

What protection will be provided to the Community Team?
Our Community Team will be encouraged to wear masks and gloves and will have their temperature taken upon arrival.


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∆ Though we expect things to be quiet for a while, we are asking you to stagger your team’s arrival and departure times and to be patient
∆ You will only be able to access you own floor at Alpha Works for the time being and there will specific kitchen and meeting spaces allocated for you to use throughout your day

∆ On arrival there will be hand sanitising stations at each entrance, but remember to wash your hands regularly
∆ Access will be limited to between 7am and 7pm until further notice, to allow our teams to actively monitor your safety whilst working

Travel & Amenities
∆ Showers are available if you are walking, running or cycling into the office. Bike storage is also available in the basement
∆ If you need to drive to avoid public transport and need help with local parking facilities, our team can point you in the right direction
∆ Post and packages will be delivered directly to you in your office or at your workstation by the Alpha Works team so the post room will remain closed until further notice
∆ We are asking you not to arrange personal deliveries via courier until further notice. If you have a large business delivery expected, please speak with our team in advance
∆ Our Café & Fitness Studio will continue to remain close

Our Team
∆ Both the building and the Alpha Works teams will be working together to prioritise your safety
∆ We have implemented new measures including screens on all receptions, additional team training and hand sanitiser on workstations
∆ We will continue to communicate with you and keep you up to date with any changes. If we all work together, we can stay safe at work

What Next
The Alpha Works team will be in touch to provide information on any extra allocated space for you or your team and we are asking you to think about how social distancing will work in your own office. If you need help, advice or to chat: We Are Here.



Are we still able to book meetings rooms?
Absolutely, M1 will no longer be bookable however M2, M3 and M4 will remain available. In order to adhere to social distancing, both M2 and M3 will now accommodate 2- people and M4 will accommodate up to 8 people.

Will the coffee machine and communal fruit still be available?
Until we are able to roam freely between floors the coffee machine will stay switched off to be fair to all Community members and fruit will not be available again until deemed safe to do so.

How will suppliers entering Alpha Works be managed?
We have stopped all deliveries bar our weekly milk order. Ad-hoc deliveries will be managed accordingly.

How will the use of crockery be managed?
We recommend bringing in your own crockery until further notice. If you choose to use Alpha Works items ensure they are placed in the dishwasher after use.

Will kitchens be in use?
You will be allocated a kitchen to use while onsite, this will be the kitchen closest to your office/ workstation with the exception of microwaves. Where possible, please bring chilled lunch unless a microwave is accessible from your allocated kitchen space.
Instant tea, coffee and milk will still be available. You MUST thoroughly wash your hands after using the kitchen space.

Are Virtual Members able to access site to collect post?
Until further notice, the community Team will forward your post on to you.


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