Our Team

Meet the Alpha Works Community Team

Our Community Team is here to provide you with everything you need and help you get settled into your flexible workspace!

Erin McGee

Community Manager

Erin will focus on relationship management between community members and facilitates introductions between companies as well as event hire of our award winning spaces. She handles everything from marketing and member benefits, to show rounds of the workspace to help ensure you find the right Alpha Works membership for you. Whether that be a Hot-Desk or a Private Office, Erin can assist with any enquiries you have!


Rosie O'Donnell

Community Associate

Rosie is our in house marketer and whizz on social media. She handles the idea creation behind some of our AW events and also makes connections between our members and external users. She is an ambassador for our brand and supports all our current and new members with their community orientation. Rosie is also known as the ‘biscuit monster’ and is a big lover of Christmas so come and chat with her if you need some inspiration!


Amika Barnett

Community Associate

Amika handles all general day to day operations, enquiries and community events. She supports with all member day to day work needs, community benefits and getting members involved in all our fabulous internal and external events. Amika is a creative songwriter, lover of cats and ferrero rocher so you can talk to her about everything and anything!


Jaspreet Kaur

Community Accountant

Jas will handle all things finance. She works remotely but always ensures your licences are correct and invoices are sent and paid promptly! Your Community Team will put you in touch with Jas if ever you have any invoice queries.