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We believe great things happen when people come together. Here at Alpha Works we’ve cultivated a vibrant ecosystem that’s full of serendipitous encounters and creative collisions that lead to new and better ways of working – all in a flexible and supportive environment that’s geared to help you build your business.

Whether you’re a one-man band or a close-knit team, our flexible workspaces and private studios are made for you to do great work. To make the most of what’s on offer, all we ask is that you reach out and engage with each other – share knowledge, give advice, create connections and keep your mind open to other ways of thinking.

As well as bumping into each other in the kitchen and communal areas, you’ll find plenty of other ways to connect with fellow members including the Alpha Community Portal. The Portal is a place for you to share information about yourself and your services, and see who our other members are and what they’re up to. It’s a place to say hello, make connections and work with others who are doing great things.

We also run a programme of curated events that will keep you on your toes with even more opportunities for connection, learning and inspiration.

We’re all here together, so let’s be kind, supportive and look out for each other.

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